Friday, April 9, 2010

Drum Roll Please

Here it is folk, the moment you've all been waiting for. Photos of our new/old, colourful and beautiful on the inside/ haunted on the outside house. I'll say the same thing I say to everyone that walks into my home...Please excuse the mess. I know I have a good excuse, but the truth is it doesn't really ever get better. This is the downstairs. I just uncovered the floor in my studio and the bedroom is a sea of laundry. The bathroom looks like a tenement building on the Lower East side. So, this is all I'm ready to reveal at this point. Also coming at some point in the future are wall kitchen cabinets, draw pulls and curtains. Right now we hang our coats in the windows at night. Good thing we have great neighbours. I have to say, work in progress and all, I've never been happier. Hope you enjoy.


Earthula said...

congratulations! It looks spacious and comfortable.

And that is what home is all about, yes?

Whisperings 13 said...

I think it's lovely! and the truth of it all is that you are happy!! That is what is most important!!
I am a firm believer in that my epitaph will NEVER read anything to the sorts of "she was a wonderful house keeper"~~

Kristen said...

LOVE the wide base/ceiling boards. Your color looks similar to what I had in my kitchen in my old home{it was almost a Chartreuse}. I loved the way it made the kitchen so bright and cheery. Congrats on your new home, looks like your hard work paid off :)

Andrea on Third Street said...

Lovely, Anna. It's all so bright and fresh! I love the moldings, and especially the door way that shows the stair casing on the other side - so much character.

Moving is so much work, but it's good that you are happy - makes everything that much better.

Thanks for sharing!

nancy said...

Oh, I just love what you've done. So cheery and homey. And honey, you should see my house...2x the mess, easily! Life's too short to spend it cleaning when you could be sewing!!! LOL

creative by nature said...

It all looks beautiful! What a beautiful shade of green, would you mind sharing what brand and colour it is? Have been considering such a green for my kitchen. Thanks Anna!