Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The countdown.

Well, we are one week away from moving day. I wish I could say there was a toilet a tub, a sink or a put together kitchen counter, but instead I'll say we work well under pressure. I think I really understand what it means to be overwhelmed. I'm not nervous. I'm just moving really slowly and I am having a lot of trouble focusing on what to do next. I'm not that unfamiliar with this state of mind since this is our third move in less than two years. I'll spring into action any minute now. Our little gift of endless sunshine is done for some time. Today it was pouring rain, damp and windy. The recycling didn't get picked up because the bag flew from the curb 20 feet back onto our lawn. I pulled up a photo of one of next fall's winter hats just to keep me real. This is Ruby in my beautiful new minky baroque fabric.

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Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...moving day...how exciting. hard to believe it is so close...i know you are ready to move and get settled in and set up shop! can't wait to see more pictures! xo, mickey