Thursday, February 25, 2010

Third st. Hand Crafters

After a long hard day of playing Star Wars, Bionicles, cops and robbers and any other game involving shooting (only the bad guys), I get a strong urge to play with dolls. These are the ones I want to play with. They are made by Third st. Hand Crafters who are from the Halifax area. Click here to check their etsy shop and their blog.


Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...i can relate completely...with two boys, the testosterone level and the toys that accompany does get rather boring...did i actually say boring...anyway, very cute dolls indeed! xo, mickey

Andrea on Third Street said...

Thanks Mickey!

With a little boy who has an older sister, our boy play is often skewed... Wearing a tiara while playing with dinkies and work benches is normal, though, right??

Thanks Anna, so much! I'm nearing the end of my dreadful week, so I'll hopefully get myself together again soon...and back to productivity! I'll let you know when that happens...