Thursday, February 18, 2010

My dance With the Sander

I am finally making a useful citizen of myself. Tony pointed out to me that if I didn't spend several hours a day on flickr and etsy and looking at blogs that I might actually have a little time to help out at the house. O.K. guilty as charged. So for the past few days I have been at our new house trying to get it done so that we can move in next month. Some of you may have heard something about moving in in January, but that was a distant dream. I finished painting my studio and today I sanded the floors so that I can begin to paint them. Tony gave the choice of two electric sanders. The first one was small and sweet and made a noise similar to a compact car. The second of the sanders was bigger, uglier, and made the noise of a large steam ship. It also hooked up to the shop vac which makes a roar of its own. I tried to use the more powerful of the two because I didn't want to look like a girl. Let's just say I got taken for a bit of a ride. the darn thing goes in circles and I looked a bit like an out of control hula dancer being flung about the room. Determined to not let the monster get the better of me I tightened my grip, but the vibrations going through my left arm and through my body were threatening to fling my teeth out of my mouth. After about ten minutes I cried , "Uncle, I'm a girl, it's true!" I turned the beast off and settled on my little compact friend. It took a bit longer, but it was way more fun. Every once in a while this mysterious caulking would become dislodged from the cracks between the floor boards. A pinkish color caught my eye. I unraveled the paper and this is what I found. the comic was dated 1949. Who knows what I'll find tomorrow.


gads said...

Wow, love it. I would love to see more house reno updates. So true about spending endless hours on blogs, they are web crack... god how I love them. Your house looks fantastic.

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said... exciting and to find a discarded treasure to boot! to have a studio sounds heavenly...right now i have comandeered our dining room. i use a large vacuum to suck up pearl dust and it is really loud...i can't imagine TWO such loud machines going at the same time. i have to admit i wish i could have seen you...i am already laughing out loud at just the thought! xo, mickey


Its all looking good - well done to Tony -and you of course when you can tear yourself away from the blogs! - Tell him its reserch - its true you can find anything in the blogworld!

Vicky x

Andrea on Third Street said...

You are so funny - I'm glad your teeth are still intact! I can wait to see your new studio when it's all put together. Do post pictures, please!!