Sunday, January 31, 2010

Re: Treat

Not so long ago I used to peddle my wares door to door in any town I happened to visit, but as my hats became more popular it became impossible to sell the hats and make the hats. Now I have the most wonderful Sales Rep in Toronto, Doreen Smith of Instyle design. It is wonderful to not do it all, but I now have so many stores that I have not set foot into and whose owners I have never met. I definitely miss knowing the person, building and town behind the name. Yesterday I googled one of my stores that just ordered some summer hats from me and what a great discovery. Re: treat is in Elora Ont. Its owner, Paul Seeley, loves colour and makes a mission of teaching his customers to love colour as well. These photos make me want to go there. If you are fortunate enough to live nearby then make sure to stop in and then just put yourself in Paul's hands. I think he knows what he's doing. Check out his fabulous web site.