Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A great discovery

One part of my self written job description is to browse the web and look at other people's blogs. It's quite hard to convince Tony that I am really working, but I assure you I am. Yesterday I came across Helen Dardik's blog. Which of course led me to her etsy site, orange studio and many other covetous links to products with her images on them. Thought I'd share some of her work with you. She's a fellow canadian to boot. I have to go buy the "Hang on Coffee is on the way" print. , but I'm sure she has more. It is my birthday next week, so I have a good excuse.


Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...very cute, colorful and full of whimsy! love the one about coffee! have a great birthday too! xo, mickey

Althea said...

very nice i too am a big coffe nut I need to send you some pictures of my coffee aprons..some day....any way my birthday too is next week on the 28th so a Very Happy Birthday to you....Althea