Saturday, December 12, 2009

A perfect ending

Today was the perfect ending to a wonderful hat season. The Hubbards Market was super busy and I sold lots of hats. It was beyond cold in that beautiful barn, but people came out to support their local market. I'm a terrible chicken when it comes to driving in the snow, so when I woke at 5 this morning to find the world covered in snow I really wanted to hide under the covers. But all went well. I do have more grey hairs from the drive, but at this point it doesn't make much difference. Now I get to look forward to playing with new designs and some really awesome new fabric. I also get to paint our new house and make curtains. Hopefully I won't have to get back in the car till the spring. Thanks to all my great customers for your support. I couldn't do this without you. Happy Hatting, Anna

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Scary stuff snow! I remember my Dad teaching me to drive in the snow - I was frightened to death!
Glad you had a nice time at the market. Enjoy your time hibernating,and playing with your new house!
I too wish we lived closer to one another, it would be nice to share a bowl of soup!

Vicky x