Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Getting Out

Only nine more days left of winter vacation. Not that I'm counting or anything like that. For some reason the french school has an extra two days of break. Well, maybe I do have a bit of cabin fever. It looks similar to PMS. On Sunday I realized I had not been outdoors in 48 hours and it was not a pretty picture. So, I gathered up the troops and drove the five minutes it takes to get to the ocean. The amazing thing was that as soon as Dusty got out of the car he leaped and bounded like a little animal, yelping with pure joy. In hat land, Our plasterer/friend brought his daughter Rebbeca over with her friend Kylie to look at hats. Someone sure new how to work Daddy. She even managed to get a headband for her buddy. In fairness to Russell, it's pretty hard to fight this kind of adorableness. I'm also posting a photo of one of my plaid Olivias for my sister in law, Amy and a special order for one of my best store, Beauchapeau, in Niagara on the Lake.


aliceinparis said...

That happens to me sometimes, I realize it's time to GET OUT of the house! Your plaid Olivia is charming.
A bloggy pal of mine has newly moved into your area. Packed it all in, got family on board,made the leap and is now in Lunenburg.I don't know if they know anyone.

smartchic said...

i read your blog for some time now. i enjoy browsing your etsy site. your hat collections are really one of a kind.