Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Salvation Army Pirates

Poor Dusty. My little 5 year old warrior is trapped with pacifist parents. Over the years Dusty has taught me that resistance is useless and that there is no way to stop him from expressing his desire to shoot. Although I have given in to various evil toys like Bionicles and Transformers only because they are not human, I have never mentioned the word Army and there are no little toy soldiers lying about. We do have Pirates that rape and plunder, but they have nice clothes so that makes it O.K. as well. So, the other day Dusty and I went to the Salvation Army to drop off some old toys and Dusty immediately felt connected to the place because of the word Army. He demanded to know exactly what kind of an army they were. I muttered some incomplete, inept answer about it not being a real army, but that they were fighting for good things so they called themselves an army . What my child heard was Blah blah, blah, blah, blah....fight. Yesterday he was playing with his pirate ship and pirates and I overheard him explaining to his friend that these were the Salvation Army Pirates. Like I said, resistance is useless. I didn't manage to capture a picture of the army, but I did finally get some shots of his dragon costume that I made him for Halloween. So glad to see that it is at least being worn one other time. The house is looking great, but I am waiting for a dramatic change before I post some new photos. I also wanted to post this wonderful photo that a customer sent me of her friend wearing her new Priscilla fascinator at her 40th birthday party. A perfect opportunity to wear a floral tiara.


Mickey (Michel) Johnson said... know, i was the same guns, no fighting men and no media that promoted guns or fighting...well, boys are boys, indeed! they would turn a piece of string that showed the slightest hit of a curve into a gun. i finally talked to a police officer neighbor about it and he told me to let them play with guns, but teach them gun safety and to not point it at people. all in all, they are responsible boys and love to play airsoft and paintpall wars...much to my dismay. so, have fun with your little salvation army pirate...and i love the dragon costume! love it, love it! xo, mickey

monica said...

Maybe our children were switched. I am the parent of a complete and total pacifist. She won't play any games if there's a winner. She won't eat meat or fish because someone had to kill it. Maybe we should get them together and hope for some peer pressure. PS: We'll bring the mermaid costume.

Alisa said...

Great costume!