Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bad Mommy

Yesterday I was called to pick up Dusty early from school. He had told the teacher that he had a headache and he apparently had his head on his desk a lot. With several children in the class out sick his teacher erred on the side of caution. I would have done the same. The only thing is that Dusty often has headaches when he is not in the mood to do something. They disappear when he is reunited with his lego and his T.V. When I got him home he spent the rest of the day jumping on my bolts of fabric and zooming up and down the hall. We played tag outside and he ate voraciously. This morning he announced that he didn't feel well, but would probably feel well when school was over. In the midst of a lecture about faking being sick and me trying to figure out how to get him on the school bus in 10 minutes Dusty threw up all over me. I felt terrible. Last night I had written a letter to his teacher explaining Dusty's great acting skills. After I cleaned us up I told him how I was sorry and I felt so bad. He asked why and I told him because I didn't believe him. That's O.K., Mommy, he said and gave me a hug. Poor little bugger has been throwing up all day. 2 minutes after this photo was taken he was jolted out of his peaceful rest to throw up all over the living room. Well at least he gets to stay home with his lego and T.V.


Mia Sophia said...

awww, poor little guy! My friends and I pass around "The Mother of the Year" award. I received it after taking a week to have my daughter's broken arm xrayed because it didn't look that bad. We all have our moments. They keep us trying to be better mommies! and despite us, they live through it.

I hope your little guy gets well soon!


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