Friday, October 2, 2009

LivingThrough the Hats

I often dream of travelling, but my life at this point is not conducive to hopping on a plane to Europe. It's hard enough to get Dusty to leave his house to go to the playground. When I finally make it to France I don't want any whining involved. I can wait, but until then I get to live through the hats. A few weeks ago one went to Italy. (Big sigh) And now another saw the streets of London. This one was chaperoned by the lovely Clare at her friend's wedding. Yep, I'm just a few steps behind them.



Its so delightful to see 'getting on' with your little hat enterprise. How nice that people keep in touch, they are not just customers, dare we say they are 'friends'!

x Vicky x

Mickey Johnson said...

...really neat...kind of like a hat stanley...if you haven't read flat probably won't get that comment...i think dusty would like flat stanley. anyway, i do think it is very neat to see your work of art travel the world. i had a gal send me a photo of her wearing one of our pearls in france and boy did my head swell! take care, xo, mickey

aliceinparis said...

That hat looks good in London!