Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Customer of the Year

Things are calming down around here. I am now finishing up some small, manageable orders and going into hyper mommy mode. My evenings are spent making a dragon costume for Dusty. Oh, sorry, that's FIRE BREATHING DRAGON costume. The tail is really impressive. Now that I actually have time to think I have started thinking. My thoughts keep going back to what I would have to say was my favourite customer this year. I do appreciate all my customers, but I met Carol selling outside of Bus Stop in Marblehead, MA. She is a very beautiful older woman with the brightest eyes. She tried on one of my travel hats and asked me how much it was. I told her $85. She said, Oh I love it, but I'm 91 years old and that's a little much to pay for with social security benefits. I said, O.K $50 and she bought the hat. She stood so tall and was so bright and positive. I asked her what her secret was (being a professional grump myself) and she told me I should read her book- Yoga in The Morning, Martini at Night. The title says it all. She walked away and fifteen minutes later came back to tell me how happy the hat made her. In that moment I knew why I made hats.



What a wonderful story,and she looks wonderful!Puts us all to shame!
I'm just wondering about the 'Fire Breathing' bit of the costume, lets hope Dusty's expectations are not dashed! Don't imaginr you can conjour Real Fire - twould be a bit dangerous! lol!

x Vicky x

Mickey Johnson said... that sweet lady...what an inspiration! i can't wait to see dusty's fire breathing dragon costume! xo, mickey

aliceinparis said...

Delightful story, lovely hat and wonderful lady. So that's all it takes.... "Yoga in the Morning and Martini at night"
Good luck with the dragon costume:)