Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Come September

Fall has arrived in Nova Scotia. My friend insists that if you don't leave the house till noon and you are in by 5 then you can pretend it's summer, but really it's fall. The good news is that fall is the most incredible season here. The sky is so blue, the light is intense and it's sunny and slightly cool.
The even better news (and now I take the risk of sounding like the evil mother that I really am) is that Dusty is back in school. Six hours in the house by myself. It's heavenly. Amazing how much work I can get done alone. Our last days of summer have been filled with visits from good friends and some dips in the ocean and one of the many incredible lakes in this area. The photo of this lake is in Port Mouton. Pronounced Port m'toon. Terrible, I know, but try to pronounce it correctly and you will forever brand yourself as an outsider. In hat land I finally finished a wet felted merino wool hat for a lovely woman in Montreal. These hats are my absolute favourite things to make. They have nothing to do with the word production. I begin with the wool and create the actual felt. This allows me to do anything my imagination can dream of. I am posting some photos of the hat in progress. I am always amazed when felting works. It seems like magic.


annechovie said...

Nice work, Anna! Sounds like a lovely place to spend the Fall. I envy your blueberries, too! Have a great weekend.

Mickey Johnson said...

...boy, i have been an absentee friend. so busy getting ready for our big show in a wee over a week, but i am getting there. such lovely photos and i risk the evil mother type with "thank the heavens for school too". i needed the time and we needed the schedule back into our lives. oh, fall...it is incredible and i am so envious of you...keep posting those gorgeous pictures for me. love the new hat too!! i intend to wear one of mine from you during the show...can't wait. xo, mickey

Sara said...

Your hats are lovely!
It took us a while after we moved to NS to learn the "m'toon"...we kept saying it the french way, branding us as CFAs for sure.
Have you been to Carter's Beach? It's not on any map, but very close to Port Mouton and absolutely lovely.