Sunday, September 27, 2009

Buried Under Hats

I've been thinking about writing in my blog. Really. In the same way I have been thinking of doing the dishes, laundry, cleaning my studio, going for a walk, getting a massage. I try to remind myself that this is a really good thing, but I am buried under a pile of hats. The orders have been pouring in and everyone wants it at the same time. I think the answer is more help and I'll work on that one in the future, but for now it's mostly been little ol' me as designer, sewer, negligent bookkeeper and janitor. Oh, right...and Mom. Forgot about that poor little guy who has been expressing his desire for me to never leave the house and if I do for him to come with me anywhere and everywhere. I have actually been forcing myself to go for a walk most days and this is my saving grace. The walk that keeps me out of the funny farm. It's so great to look outwards once a day. I am constantly awed by the beauty of this town. Fall is the most glorious season here. The light has a quality that I can't express in words. So, this was it. My breaks over. Back to the cutting table. Until next time. Happy Hatting. Anna

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Mickey Johnson said...

...although doing what we love has so many positive attributes, it is good to take a breather and leave it for a bit even if it is just a short break. i am glad you are enjoying autumn! wishing it would cool a bit here! xo, mickey