Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ciao Bella

My good friend Andrea, who does the graphic design on my web site, hang tags and promotion is off for a trip to Italy. Poor thing. So, she contacted me with a hat emergency. Fortunately, Andrea is as much of a designer as I am and her description was really pretty specific. She wanted me to use this fabulous hat block that I bought at Lilliput when I was visiting her in Toronto. She wanted natural straw, black and white gros grain striped ribbon (which I made by sewing two ribbons together) and a fedora look. I really loved the outcome and I will have to make one for myself. So, bon voyage to Andrea and the hat. Wish I could stow away in your hat box.


Doreen said...

I love that hat!! Will it be in the line??!!??

Mickey Johnson said...

...that is one smart looking hat. i love it! the black and white and the fit is stunning...hope to see this one offered in your store. i hope you are staying dry there...xo, mickey

Mary said...

Wonderful! Please put that hat in your line--I just love it!