Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blue Rocks

Last weekend was the biggest Lunenburg weekend there is all year. I'd have to say it would be a big weekend anywhere. It was the Folk Harbour Festival. An annual event that lasts 4 days. The town is packed with people. Tony and I love folk music, but we are still afraid of shelling out the big bucks for tickets, knowing that five minutes into a great concert there is the possibility of Dusty wanting to go home. Maybe next year. We do happen to live right next to the park where the main stage was, so we pretty much got to hear a lot of great music for free. Still, I felt a little like Cinderella not being able to go to the ball. There are also free concerts at the town bandstand all weekend. Usually I'm such a festival person, but for some reason I felt the need to escape. Maybe it was the line out the door at the ice cream shop that did me in. On Sunday morning I hopped on my bike and headed to one of the most beautiful spots on earth. Blue Rocks. It is about four miles from town and the whole way there is just breathtaking. I took many photos, but really I can't do it justice. I wish I could put the smell and the serenity into those photos. The place brings me to tears. It's so peaceful. After that bike ride and a cup of coffee from our friends' cafe, The Laughing Whale, I was finally able to get back into my little sweat shop and sew away. The fall orders are rolling in now. I have already had two stores place reorders for fall hats. Once again my little Madeline headbands are flying off the shelves. This season I added a new hand dyed silk velvet flower. So, my union break is up and time to get back to work. Until Next Time, Happy Hatting!

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Mickey Johnson said...

...gorgeous and quaint! that is one place i have not made a visit to...guess i will have to come back! xo, mickey