Friday, July 31, 2009

The Big Ex

I think I have been waiting for something exciting to happen in our lives before writing in my blog. Today it happened. The Big Ex was in town. The exhibition that is. In the states it's known as the county fare. You know, the rides, livestock, the rides, poultry, the rides, local gymnastics show, the rides, greasy food and cotton candy, the rides, antique farm equipment. You get the point. Dusty was awe struck. The evening began with the wonderful discovery that the parking lot was basically a blueberry field. We ate our way to the exhibition grounds. We just followed Dusty around and basically made a point of saying yes to everything. Sometimes you just need to do that. Having been instilled with the evils of gambling from a very young age, I was almost going to say no to the games, but they have one where you pay $5 and you are guaranteed to win a prize. You have to scoop out 7 rubber ducks from a plastic kiddie pool. You have unlimited tries. There was no catch here. So, needless to say we threw our money away for one more moment of joy for our precious only child. He is on the bright side and we had a hard time convincing him that winning was any kind of achievement, but he was none the less delighted with his painfully cheap (not in price), made in China by small children, blue stuffed puppy. We had a great evening with not one tantrum. I suppose when you only say yes you don't get those nasty tantrums. On the way back to the parking lot we found more blueberries. There was a beautiful tied up puppy on the other side of the fence. I generally make a rule of not letting Dusty pet dogs that we don't know without their owners, but this dog just screamed friendly. Dusty fed him blueberries through the fence for quite some time. When we finally pried Dusty and myself away, the dog cried and cried at the loss of his friend and blueberry supplier. Heartbreaking. So, we have decided tomorrow morning to find more blueberry sources. We are going to head to the Hubbards farmers market. Apparently there are nature trails near there. I have been doing so well with my hats at our local farmers' market. I am scoping out some more venues. I really look forward to every Thursday where I put on a pretty dress and hat and chat with grownups about hats, sorrounded by fresh fruits and veggies, pastries, cheese and other artisans. If you are any where in this area please come visit. Until Next Time...Happy Hatting and blueberry picking. Anna

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lunenburg Farmers' Market

Today I set up my hats at the Lunenburg Farmers' Market. I'll be there every Thursday from 8-12 throughout the summer. It is the most wonderful community event. There's no way to not sound corny, but it's a feast for the senses. There are so many farmers, bakers of incredible breads and pastries, The laughing whale coffee roasters, bags made from recycled sails, paintings, hand made shoes, bouquets and ,ofcourse, hats. It was one of those perfect days when the hats were flying off the rack. There are magical moments where one customer will help another customer find the perfect hat and everyone is just plain happy to be trying on hats. These are the hat times when I most love what I do. I love to wholesale and know that my hats are being sold all over, but to find the perfect fit for a customer who is in front of me is something that I was really missing and it's great to have this venue to do this. I'll be looking forward to my Thursdays, when I get to leave my little one woman sweat shop and venture out into the sun or rain.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Last Tuesday we arrived home from a one week trip to Marblehead, MA, where we visited friends and family. I adore Nova Scotia and I wouldn't live anywhere else, but, man, you can't there from here. Unless money is no object and you can just hop on a plane, there is really no easy way to get anywhere. We divided our trip by stopping in Winterport, Maine (near Bangor), where Tony's sister lives. That takes about 10 hours and then the next day we drove 5 hours to Marblehead. Our brother in law, Chuck, is an amazing motorcycle and antique car restoration mechanic. Really, it doesn't get better than that in the uncle department. Dusty was pretty impressed by the shop, CYCLES IMMORTAL, which is right next to the house. After pretending to zoom down the road on the BMW for a while, Chuck took us for a real ride in the side car of his motorcycle. I really want one of these. The next morning we stopped at Dysart's truck stop which is an institution. If you are in the Bangor area, you've got to check this out. The food is great, you get served a thermos of coffee and there are truck bodies coming through the walls. Dusty did check out the other side to look for the rest of the truck. In Marblehead we endured 4 days of rain, which was the end to a record rainfall in the month of June. Then on the weekend the sun came out and everything got happy again. I sold hats at the Marblehead farmer's market which is another great institution. I'm proud to say that I was one of the pioneer crafts people when they first began the market several years ago. I also sold hats at Bus Stop , one of my favourite stores, owned by my friend Kathy. If you live anywhere near Marblehead this is the place to find my hats. . The two little girls, donning my fascinators are Maya and Autumn. They each belong to a different friend. They had a great time dressing the mannequins and helping to sell hats. We headed for home on Monday where we got stuck on the highway for a couple of hours because of an overturned oil tanker. The only word for this is nightmare. The next morning we headed accross the border into St. Steven's New Brunswick. There is the coolest playground there. In typical canadian consevationist style, they have a fountain that can be turned on by pressing a button. Then we headed for St. John's New Brunswick and hopped on the ferry to Digby. The ride accross the Bay of Fundy is beautiful. I really reccommend it. There are many different kinds of whale species that live in the bay and some people get lucky and spot them on the crossing. It doesn't save on travel time, but it does save on driving time. If getting back to work was not an issue I would spend the night in Annapolis Royal. It's a beautiful little town that I will go back to when I'm not feeling so fried. From there it's a little under 3 hours to home. HOME, HOME, HOME!!!! So great to be home.