Friday, May 29, 2009

Dusty and the Sheep

We went to Ross Farm a couple of weekends ago. This is a little clip of Dusty sharing (sort of) with the sheep. He clearly had his own sense of justice, with babies given priority.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Tourist Town

Boy, Lunenburg is like a whole new town come May. Suddenly the streets are filled with tourists from all over. I love it. In the winter there is a really great small community centred around the daily trip to pick up the mail from the post office and then WHAM! Suddenly, it's a bustling little hub. All the shops that closed for the winter are now open as are the restaurants. Today the tall ship, The Picton Castle arrived in the harbour. It was quite the event. There are several ships that call Lunenburg home. The Picton has been gone for one year, touring the Atlantic ocean with stops in the Netherlands and in Africa. With all this festivity around us we find ourselves making too frequent trips to our local ice cream shop. We bumped into our little buddy Ethan there. He was being transported on the back of his Dad's bike carrying some very important goods. Ethan is one of my favourite Lunenburg babies. He speaks in the most passionate grunts accented with points of his index finger. With the warm weather we have been having and all these festivities I have been a little challenged to do any work. I did get a new hat designed, though. This was a request for a fun pretty turban that came from The Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto. My initial reaction was, "Not a Turban." But then I decided to take it on as a challenge. Turbans have always made me thing of Carol Burnett doing her Nora Desmond, Nora Desmond act, which was actually very forming to my personality, but this is not the way I would want a woman to look who is undergoing chemotherapy treatment. So, I think I met the challenge and came up with a turban that is fun, whimsical and flattering. There are so many ways to wear this hat. And her name of course is Matta Hari.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Life Outside Lunenburg

On Tuesday we returned from a week long trip to visit family and friends. Lunenburg, Nova Scotia is an amazing place to live, but getting anywhere from here is ridiculous. We are sort of at the end of the earth. We started our trip with a 10 hour drive to spend a couple of nights with Tony's sister, Amy, near Bangor, Maine. I swore I would never stoop so low as to let my child watch T.V. in the car, but if nothing else parenting teaches you humility and I have come to eat those words along with many others. For Dusty it was a DVD extravaganza and there is nothing better to that boy than having Mom and Dad buckled up in the front seat, unlimited T.V. and plenty of snacks. We basically did not hear a word from the child. From Maine we headed across to Vermont by way of the white mountains in New Hampshire. This is one of the most beautiful drives I have ever done in my life. Our mission in Vermont was to visit my ex-husband, his saintly wife and their 3 month old baby girl. I see the question marks in the air, but for those that don't know me well, I have the unique situation of being very close with my ex-husband. Karine, his wife is the best there is and I just needed to see the little mini Evzen. Yes, Tony is a saint as well, but he has said many times over that I am too high maintenance for just one husband. So, baby
Emma- Rose a.k.a Evzina is beautiful and the 2000 miles of driving was worth it just to get to walk around with her in the baby bjorn. We took a trip to a great little town next to Burlington. I think it was Richmond, but I'm not sure. We hung out for a few hours at a beautiful spot by the river. Dusty was in his glory (as you can see in the photo) He immediately stipped down and got into the water. The temperature was appropriate for polar bears, but my child likes to take cold baths, so it was just right for him. Karine fell asleep with her face in the stroller and I so remembered that feeling of complete and utter exhaustion. I did get to go into this wonderful gallery in Burlington called Pine Street Art Works . That's where we took the photo of Dusty in the little car. The owner, Liza, was wonderfully patient and talented and I think she will be carrying some of my hats in the fall. We also had a great visit with my friend Ursina and her family who came to meet us there from Massachussetts. From Vermont we headed to Montreal for about 24 hours to see my aunt, eat bagels and get a small glimpse of culture. That part of the trip was definitely too short, but it's hard to do it all. While I was gone I got an etsy order from Romania. Pretty wild. Each flower on these little fascinators is made from a vintage, one of a kind handkerchief. This is the little beauty that is headed across the sea. Our drive home was nothing short of arduous. It took us two days and the DVD player broke down from over use. We got feel what it's really like to be in a car with a 5 year old for 2 days. We made it, though. It's a great feeling when you get home and it really feels like home.