Friday, March 13, 2009


In general I try, when designing my hats, to create styles that are flattering, functional and easy to wear. It's so rewarding to make a hat from polar fleece that is warm and cozy, but looks like something from the roaring twenties or to add a dash of whimsy to a practical straw hat that protects from the sun. That said I have designed my most useless hat to date. These are called fascinators. They are little head pieces that have no practical use whatsoever other than to add a little fun and beauty into our lives. They are mounted on a headband that I have wrapped with grosgrain ribbon. They are made with seagrass straw and adorned with one of my new vintage hanky flowers so each one is a one of a kind creation. A little aside, but for labeling in Canada everything needs to be in both french and english. I was a little disappointed to find out that seagrass in french is called plancton vegetal. Usually everything sounds so romantic in french, but in this case english wins. Seagrass, which really does grow in the sea makes me think of fields of swaying grass. Plancton vegetal conjures up images of rotting sea scum. Oh well, what are you gonna do? It actually has the sweetest smell. I call this hat the Lilly Pad hat. All it needs is a little frog, but my artistic abilities are limited and my frog is not yet recognizable as a frog. I'll keep working on it.

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Mickey Johnson said...

Love it Anna! Looks very cute. Who said all things in life have to be practical...especially when your a girl! Being female and fashionable trumps practical everytime. I never thought I would say it, but you are right about the English version of Seagrass over the French version!Mickey