Sunday, March 1, 2009

A day Off

I recently had to fill out a form for one of my stores listing my suppliers, what their fair labour practices are and describing my own working standards. I was so proud of the fact that almost all my supplies are made in North America by ethical companies and that when I do hire help, I pay a fare wage and try so hard to treat my help well. There was only one exception. I discovered that I am a slave labourer. I work ridiculous hours, don't get enough breaks, rarely see the light of day, and am rude to myself. So, I formed a union. (I'm the only member) I now get Sundays off. This is my second one. Blogging is permissable on Sundays. Last Sunday was glorious. I remembered why I was alive. We went to one of Nova Scotia's beautiful beaches. This one is called Risser's and is 20 minutes from us on the other side of the LaHave River. Although you can drive, we took the ferry. It runs every five minutes and costs a whopping $5. If you buy a book it comes out to $1.80 per ride. Dusty was in his glory. After running like puppies on the beach, we went to one of our favourite cafes, The LaHave bakery. This place is unbelievable. They use all local ingredients. Upstairs in the attic the son of the owner builds skate boards and they have a skate board run. It's a total scene. Today Dusty has a friend over so I am having a great time putting my clothes away. Really, this is fun for me. I'm also paying attention to my child. How novel. It's so nice to have one day a week where there is no conflict. Until Next Time, Happy Hatting


Zinnia said...

Sarah And I love reading your blog. Say Hi to Dusty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and of course love to you and Tony too. I said oh, look Dusty either has on suspenders or a backpack, sarah said 'suspenders', I said 'ya,think?', Sarah said.....'OF COURSE< HE"S TONY"S SON!!!!!'

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! I happened to stumble across your blog and I love the hats that you make. They are reminiscence to vintage millinery hats, which I collect and simply adore!

Mickey Johnson said...


I am so jealous. We so enjoyed the La Have Bakery...blueberry muffins...yum, yum. My boys loved the ferry as well. We were out and about driving around taking in the general splendor and found our way to La Have and the small museum down the way. My maiden name is Nichols and there were quite a few Nichols' on the registry there...Anyway, take care...sounds like you are well on your way by forming a union and taking Sunday's off!

Mickey Johnson said...

Anna; Me again...I had to let you know that my Sophie arrived today and I absolutely LOVE it! You are so talented and I can't wait to wear it. Thanks again & much love, Mickey

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