Friday, January 23, 2009

We Really Live Here

I have finally put enough boxes away to warrant taking a picture of this amazing home we live in. It's kind of like a spa. I'll try to remember to photograph the bath tub. That's the most amazing part to me. The view from our window is of Lunenburg harbour. I haven't yet taken a photo that does it justice. Dusty has learned that Mama does not answer him at sunrise or sunset. I take my post in the rocking chair by the window and I talk when the sun has come up or after it sets. Since finishing my summer line I have been doing alot of aimless wandering around the house. There is tons to do, but I am slightly catatonic from having almost not taken a day off since July. That might be a slight exaggeration, but it feels like that to me. Today Tony and I went to Halifax and shopped for tools and thread. It was a rare Halifax winter day where the sky was blue. Lunenburg actually has tons of blue sky in the winter. I have heard that spring is when you want to do yourself in. I'll be sure to let you know when we get there. Here is one more of my new hats for spring. I have been dying linen which is really fun. I love different textures of fabric that are united by colour. I took this photo of Dusty because as he was trying to get his toes out of his pant leg he was chanting I think I can , I think I can...Until Next Time. Happy Hatting.


sukey said...

I have to know the name of that hat and when it's available!

I wear Sarah all over Woodstock and get tons of compliments. I felt very au courant when I was in Birch, which actually carries your hats, and could request hats by name. 'Oh, do you have the Madeleine?' I asked, knowledgeably.

But when I am walking down the street, People in Cars Look At This Hat.

Those are the sorts of hats you make.

Lex said...

Anna, I wore one of your creations to the Inauguration in DC, and got so many compliments! Many thanx...


Mickey Johnson said...

love the bright happy wall color. and i this hat. i can't wait to figure out which one i want. it's so hard to choose. glad your able to slow down for a moment. blessings, mickey

Miriam's Words said...

Hi Anna
I am your long lost cousin from Israel. Your father sent me your link. Your blog is great and as a hat wearer, your hats are fabulous. To bad you don't sell them in Israel. I also write a couple of blogs.
Miriam's Words
Story Time with Safta Miriam
Check them out. Your children will enjoy the story time one.
Let me know when you have a new entry.