Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thinking Summer Hats and Blueberries

For those of you that have never met me, you might think that I am a four year old boy, by the amount of four year old boy photos that are posted here, but I'm quite a bit older than that. So, I thought it would be a good idea to put my own photo up here. This is me donning one of new summer babies. Her name is Lana and she comes with four different beautiful ribbon combinations. She was inspired by this great felt 1940's hat that I found in a friend's attic. This was taken outside in sub zero weather with snow a few feet under this picture. The smile is fake since what I was really feeling was ccccooold! I just posted this hat on my etsy site. It's snowing again in our beautiful town. We really were told that we don't get that much snow here, but maybe that's in comparing it to New Brunswick where they don't see the ground for six months. I'm also posting a photo I took at Blue Rocks, which is this unbelievably beautiful area just 3 miles from my home. It's very rocky with lots of fishermen's shanties and in the summer the ground is full with wild blueberries. Took a walk there the other day and began dreaming of blueberries. Until Next time....Happy Hatting.



Oh Gosh! another great hat - don't tempt me!
Hope you are all settled in now, it looks a lovely place.

Sue Frelick said...

I found your blog today and have been reading it - backwards ... by that I mean most recent to past, and I so enjoy your story (writing style, humour, art, adventures). I live in Rhodes Corner and just wanted to stop by to say, welcome neighbour! (that's neighbor with a 'u' ;-)

aliceinparis said...

Your hats are Fab! Really. Yes, we are getting a lot of snow this winter. Generally along the coast there is not as much but not this year:))
Cheers, Shelagh

jodi said...

Thanks for visiting, Anna! I'm so NOT a hat person (they don't suit me, my hair or my temperament) but I utterly love yours. They're very joyful. I hope you're enjoying life in NS; if you're down on the south shore there are some good nurseries there and some good garden clubs too. Feel free to email me if you want more info.

Mickey Johnson said...

Wow! I love the hat. You are so talented. I see that you are a little over the age of 4 and you are definately not a boy! Thanks for setting us all straight!:)

sherry said...

My great aunt Rose, who died with her hat on when she was 89,looked so much like your illustration. It's finally nice to "meet" you.