Friday, January 16, 2009

I Did It

I did it!! Unbelievable. My summer line is finished and on my way to my sales rep. That was done while moving for the second time in 5 months, filling winter orders and making valiant efforts at being a mother. I actually had graciously refused to do a summer wholesale line, feeling like the stress would put me over the edge. I was so proud of myself, standing up for my sanity, but somehow, my sales rep, being an unbelievable salesperson, did not take no for an answer and I found myself saying I would do it. I'm now happy I did. A couple of my hats are bases on vintage handkerchiefs. Each one has a flower made out of a one of a kind hankie. It's pretty darn cute if I may say so myself. Well, now that it's done I find myself puttering around the house unable to really focus on anything. The job that is calling me is taxes, but when I hear it I somehow manage to find some distraction or feel I need a cup of coffee. What I'm wishing for is a small period of quiet so that I can hang some pictures on my wall and maybe make a pair of pajamas or something, but I know I need to be careful what I wish for.


mickey johnson said...

Hey girl...i am proud of you. i love your summer hat in the picture. take care and get on those taxes...i too! mickey johnson

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.