Saturday, January 10, 2009

Here we are

Amazing how time passes and things do get done. If only I could just do away with the stress it takes to get there. We are in our new beautiful home. I have 90 % of the boxes put away and I will leave the last 10% scattered about for the next couple of years just so that I recognize myself. I'll get some photos up soon. I have a great new camera, courtesy of mom and dad, and after several hours and a long conversation with Nikon tech support I can now upload the photos to my computer. If you spend any amount of time with me you will notice that the word deadline is in my conversation several times a day. It got so that I began to really make myself ill with this word. The word has been controlling my life. So, I looked up the definition and history of the word and it seems that the word deadline refers to the boundary in a prison that gets you shot if you cross it. Hmmmm, makes me wonder if it's really all that bad. Just trying to get my summer line out and fill orders at the same time. Lunenberg continues to amaze me with it's friendliness. Chert (kitty) got himself stuck up in a tree once again. Seems he has to have this experience at every new dwelling. Funny how we are destined to repeat ourselves. So, I know they say that they will come down when they are hungry,but this one won't. After 24 hours up there and a blizzard on the way I called our electric department partly because of a hanging wire over the roof, but at the same time inquired if there were any die hard cat lovers on the crew. Two men and a big cherry picker spent an hour getting Chert out of the tree. I tried so hard to give them cookies, alcohol and money in that order, but they would hear nothing of it. One guy said after 35 years on the crew this was his first cat rescue. Chert kept going higher and higher, but the guy said, "He can only go so far" and indeed when Chert was hovering on the very top of this 40 foot tree he had no where to go, but into the bucket. I think he will be an indoor cat for the winter. The other picture that I am posting is of Dusty and his friend Lili. This is their wedding photo.


aliceinparis said...

Oh my goodness!!! How terrifying for the cat and you too! Those pictures are really something. It is wonderful that those guys were so accommodating about it.
The deadline info was interesting too.So many words we use and take for granted without really knowing what they mean.
Stay warm,
Cheers, Shelagh xo

mickey johnson said...

Poor Chert! Just think you managed to change the history of that man. He had been deprived of a "kitty rescue" and you and Chert finally helped him get over that one. I love the wedding photo, but I noticed the bride and groom were without hats! What's with that? Just kidding...great pic's. Glad you are getting to all of your unpacking. I still have a couple of boxes in the closet and it's been 6 years. don't even know what's in them anymore...oh well, life goes on. Mickey