Monday, December 8, 2008

Snow Day

Today was Dusty's first official snow day from school. I'm afraid these snow photos are actually from the impressive snow that we got two weeks ago, but hey it's still snow. I am once again in the throws of moving. This time around I have chosen denial as my modus operandi. I highly recommend it. It's all so insane that it's surreal. I am supposed to have the samples for my summer line ready by January 15th, I am still filling winter orders, I'm trying to spend some quality time with my son and we are moving. Well, after changing countries and having to itemize all our belongings for Canada customs and filling out immigration papers for Tony this really all feels like small potatoes. I have made some great friends here and they are being so helpful to me. I have a new friend, Amy who found us the beautiful house we are moving into and she is an amazing artist. She loves to paint rooms and she is helping me transform my new studio from the strangest time capsule of a room frozen from 1969 to a beautiful work space. I could not do this without her. The room was a strange shade of lime green aged over 40 years and grey, which may have at one point been white. There is a built in work counter which is a kind of dark salmon colour. We have had to work around this. I am amazed that already I almost like the colour. I'll keep posting photos of the transformation as it progresses. Apparently we are going to be living in this new home by next Sunday. Since we need to be out of this one on Sunday I would say it will somehow happen. How this comes about will be one more adventure. Until next time. Happy Hatting