Monday, November 17, 2008

Moving Again

We got an offer that we just couldn't pass up. We are moving up the street, a five minute walk away (although straight up hill) To this incredible arts and crafts house with 3 bedrooms, a studio, tons of storage space and a beautiful porch overlooking the harbour for very reasonable rent. I think we are moving in 2 weeks or something ridiculous like that. Oddly enough the photo of this house is in my last post. It's the blue house overlooking the town. Crazily, I was really resistant to moving because I love our street, but I just couldn't justify not doing it. Especially since my working conditions have been dire, with Boxes and bolts of fabric all over the living room. It will be so exciting to have a door again. There is actually a separate entrance into the studio, so theoretically I could pack a lunch, go out the front door, reenter through the back door and feel like I've gone to work. Hopefully this will help me from being distracted by laundry and dishes. I've been dreaming of felting again. Definitely getting to the end of my production rope. I've got something black orange and red in my head. I'll let you know when it comes out.

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