Friday, November 21, 2008

Lunenburg winter market

This past Thursday I set my wares up at our local winter farmer's market. I must say it was so nice to be selling to people whose faces I could see and who were actually my neighbours. Don't get me wrong. Selling over the internet is an amazing phenomena and through etsy it has even managed to feel more personal, but nothing compares to chatting in person. This is just such a small town. I keep repeating myself, but I can't quite get over it. I had one gentleman come in to introduce himself to me since I was soon to be his neighbour. Several women seemed to know everything there was to know about me although we had never met before. This photo is of 10 year old, incredibly beautiful and talented Katie. I would say that she chose this hat, but really the hat chose her. They have been looking for each other since this hat was born. The most incredible thing about the farmer's market (next to the french pastries) is the sheer volume of talented people that I am meeting. Seems like everyone here is an artist. One woman who might order a felt hat from me has a loom in her home. Another woman was a potter. I'm in good company. Katie in the photo is home schooled and was selling spindles that she makes for spinning wool from her own sheep. She plays violin, piano, and probably a million other things. Her mom's not in the photo, but she should be. It's so inspiring to meet someone so dedicated to their child. I'm going to participate in a small crafts show on December 6th, so I will get another healthy dose of old fashioned hat selling soon.

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mickey johnson said...

i just came across your blog and i don't know where to begin. first, i love your hats. i am a hat person, but have no intention of attempting to make my own. i will own one of yours soon when i can make up my mind of which one. next, i love lunenburg. we came to nova scotia in august and went on the whale watch and the lobster tour from the harbor there. you can tell where i am from by the spelling can't you? anyway, i fell in love with the place and intend to be there someday. i admit i'm really nervous about the paperwork considering i am not a canadian citizen...especially after reading your story, but oh well. you are so talented and i loved reading your entries. i will stay in touch. mickey