Sunday, November 2, 2008

Life seems to be slowing down to a more normal pace. I even got to take the time to make sure that Dusty was properly outfitted for Halloween. For the past two months he has changed his costume wish on me about once a week, but he finally settled on VAMPIRE. Not that he really knows what a vampire is, but they look scary and that is all that matters. Of course, only a hat maker's child would have a cape made out of silk and lace from the 1800's. Just happens to be what I have lying around the house. Trick or treating in Lunenburg was a blast. It's just such a perfect small town for it. Dusty and his friend Lilly, the tiger, got it down to a science looking for only houses with decorations or pumpkins to knock on and Dusty said trick or treat in the same tone one would say your money or your life. As can be expected, we did not get to bed without a complete over the top blood sugar level melt down, but we made it.

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