Friday, November 21, 2008

Lunenburg winter market

This past Thursday I set my wares up at our local winter farmer's market. I must say it was so nice to be selling to people whose faces I could see and who were actually my neighbours. Don't get me wrong. Selling over the internet is an amazing phenomena and through etsy it has even managed to feel more personal, but nothing compares to chatting in person. This is just such a small town. I keep repeating myself, but I can't quite get over it. I had one gentleman come in to introduce himself to me since I was soon to be his neighbour. Several women seemed to know everything there was to know about me although we had never met before. This photo is of 10 year old, incredibly beautiful and talented Katie. I would say that she chose this hat, but really the hat chose her. They have been looking for each other since this hat was born. The most incredible thing about the farmer's market (next to the french pastries) is the sheer volume of talented people that I am meeting. Seems like everyone here is an artist. One woman who might order a felt hat from me has a loom in her home. Another woman was a potter. I'm in good company. Katie in the photo is home schooled and was selling spindles that she makes for spinning wool from her own sheep. She plays violin, piano, and probably a million other things. Her mom's not in the photo, but she should be. It's so inspiring to meet someone so dedicated to their child. I'm going to participate in a small crafts show on December 6th, so I will get another healthy dose of old fashioned hat selling soon.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Moving Again

We got an offer that we just couldn't pass up. We are moving up the street, a five minute walk away (although straight up hill) To this incredible arts and crafts house with 3 bedrooms, a studio, tons of storage space and a beautiful porch overlooking the harbour for very reasonable rent. I think we are moving in 2 weeks or something ridiculous like that. Oddly enough the photo of this house is in my last post. It's the blue house overlooking the town. Crazily, I was really resistant to moving because I love our street, but I just couldn't justify not doing it. Especially since my working conditions have been dire, with Boxes and bolts of fabric all over the living room. It will be so exciting to have a door again. There is actually a separate entrance into the studio, so theoretically I could pack a lunch, go out the front door, reenter through the back door and feel like I've gone to work. Hopefully this will help me from being distracted by laundry and dishes. I've been dreaming of felting again. Definitely getting to the end of my production rope. I've got something black orange and red in my head. I'll let you know when it comes out.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Very big day here. I realize there's a historical election going on right now, but that pales to the news that Dusty took the school bus to school for the first time today. I tried not to cry I really did. Dusty couldn't have been more excited he even got himself dressed. (unheard of from my child) So after Dusty was on the bus at 7:45am I got to take a walk around town and take some pictures. Lunenburg is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I feel totally fortunate to be here. All these photos are taken within a ten minute walk from our house.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Life seems to be slowing down to a more normal pace. I even got to take the time to make sure that Dusty was properly outfitted for Halloween. For the past two months he has changed his costume wish on me about once a week, but he finally settled on VAMPIRE. Not that he really knows what a vampire is, but they look scary and that is all that matters. Of course, only a hat maker's child would have a cape made out of silk and lace from the 1800's. Just happens to be what I have lying around the house. Trick or treating in Lunenburg was a blast. It's just such a perfect small town for it. Dusty and his friend Lilly, the tiger, got it down to a science looking for only houses with decorations or pumpkins to knock on and Dusty said trick or treat in the same tone one would say your money or your life. As can be expected, we did not get to bed without a complete over the top blood sugar level melt down, but we made it.