Saturday, October 25, 2008

A beautiful Bride

Sometimes it's just great to take a break from the madness of production and deadlines to create something unique and beautiful for someone unique and beautiful. When a neighbour asked me to make a wedding hair piece for her beautiful daughter Caitlin, it turned out to be such a breath of fresh air for me. So, here are some photos of Caitlin adorned by my silk, ivory rose with a tiny vintage forget me nots centre. I couldn't have asked for a better model.
I have had quite the string of wonderful things happen to me since I moved to Lunenburg. The latest is my new studio space, which I have yet to move into. It will be in the upstairs of a local store. I can't say too much about it, but the owner is being beyond generous and I can only repay her in hats. The space is big and gorgeous and as soon as I can find the time to help her clear it out I will be able to move in. I have thought about posting photos of my present working conditions, but decided against it since it kind of wrecks The Hat Junkie mystique. Better to look at my web site and see this wonderful, put together, little shop than to see photos of my living room and dining room over taken by shipping boxes, my work table piled high with unknown STUFF and every hand made flower trying to protect itself from the yogourt and blueberry covered hands of a very active four year old. Even if I never do an ounce of work at my new space it will be a relief to have my things out of harm's way
As the orders continue to pour in, I find myself dreaming of having the time to make curtains for our new apartment, mop the floors, take a yoga or maybe even ballet class, but ofcourse when the orders slow down I will begin dreaming of my summer hats and wondering when the next order will come. Until next time. Happy Hatting! Anna

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting a Grip

I'm still working on getting orders out, but I came to the realization that I also need to be a human being, so I have attempted to institute a work day for myself. I won't pretend that I haven't broken my eight hours of work per day rule, but it has made a difference. The main factor in helping me stay sane is the incredible woman that I have working for me, Wendy. She is a sewing wonder. I could not do this without her. I realize she is between bigger and better things, as she is a talented designer in her own right with a master's degree, but I'm grateful for her while I've got her. I received my very first order from my own web site. That was quite cool. I was so surprised when I saw the payal payment. I was sure there had been an error. The etsy orders keep on trickling in. It seems that my new heaband, Madeline, is a small sensation. The stores are selling them quickly. Actually, sometimes I feel like all I do is make the flowers that go on this hat. I've added two cute colours that were special orders.
Elsewhere in the news, Tony nearly got himself kicked out of town, by not quite saying the right thing in regards to pets. For those of you who know Tony, you might be aware that he is not exactly fond of pets. I on the other hand would rescue any and all animals that looked at me needingly. So, Tony has been working for some wonderful people. They have a very cute dog, Yoda, that is their life. Yoda is their child, their pride and joy. For some reason, Tony thought that he could share the story of how much he hated my neurotic dog, Maddie, and how it came down to the choice of him or the dog. Well, on hearing this story, Pat went pale and in her own words, felt every ounce of love for him pour out of her heart. Well, the short of it is that Tony was forgiven, but the infraction has not been forgotten. So, now Tony is working for this interesting couple who have a pet turtle that is twenty years old, impressively big and walks around their house freely. Wanting to make conversation, Tony told them how he has always wanted to make something out of a tortoise shell. Although he did not score any brownie points, they handled it quite well and I'm happy to report that at this point he still has a job. Now, because truth is always stranger than fiction, my cat got stuck in a tree, quite high up. This is a repeat performance for Chert. He did it in Marblehead and three times in Stone Ridge. This was his first canadian treeing. It's a pathetic event. He cries pitifully and insists that he just can't come down even though the tree is at a 60 degree angle. Tony feels really put out when Chert does this. I think he feels that the cat is trying to manipulate me and is just doing this for attention. In the past it has taken three days for the cat to muster up the courage for the descent and then he just walks down the tree. I knew that Chert could make it down in time, but he had already been in that tree for 36 hours and I felt awful. Our neighbour had attempted to get him down with a ladder, but the rustling of the branches caused by placing the ladder against the tree caused Chert to climb to the very top and out on to the outermost 2 inch diameter branch. So, at 11p.m Tony climbed up the ladder and then climbed the tree, and grabbed Chert. I was lying in bed and did not get to witness this, but I did hear an incredibly loud and angry hiss/meow/shriek and then Tony came down and reported that Chert was down. In his most grumpy voice he told me that I might want to call him in, he had a bit of a fall. Chert was waiting at the side door and was fine. He went right for the food dish. The next morning Tony confessed to me that Chert was going crazy in his grip and that he was actually forced to drop him about 30 feet. Really, there's nothing left to say, so until next time....Happy Hatting!