Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Insanity Continues

It's been really hard to write lately because I've been so busy that I feel as though I've lost my short term memory. I've caught myself trying to make my coffee with a plate instead of a coffee filter. When I mean to turn the faucet on I turn the toothbrush. I wish I was kidding. I will try really hard to make sense. We've had some great visits from Tony's family and aside from having wonderful company I also had some wonderful slave labourers around. Basically, the rule has been that if you come into the house you will be put to work. Everybody has obliged me so far. Our niece, Maddy was here and I had to take advantage of her beauty by having her model hats for me. I posted one of the photos of her in a little felted cocktail hat on etsy and wouldn't you know it, it made it to the front page of etsy. That resulted in a small avalanche of sales.
Dusty has also started French school. It's a public school nearby which has a pre primary year or junior kindergarten. For the first time ever he actually says he likes school and seems quite proud of himself when he remembers a new word. They speak to the children entirely in French. All those notes and forms that come home with kids from school are also solely in French so it's been pretty good for my brain aswell.
Well, these are all the thoughts that I can formulate in my head. Maybe I'll try writing down the thoughts as they come to me before they are transplanted with images of polar fleece and serger thread. Until next time.....Happy Hatting!