Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Adventure Continues

It's been just over three weeks since we arrived here in Nova Scotia. I'm still thrilled with the beauty and friendliness. Dusty continues to establish himself as a regular about town. He is particularly fond of the library these days. It's a great place. They have no overdue fines. They also gave Dusty a little prize for reading 5 books. Clearly, the size of the books was not an issue. It was a one inch plastic cheap made in china robotish figurine. Dusty believes he has won the lottery. He spent the entire afternoon building his spaceship and bed and floating him in the sink. In fact he is sleeping with him clutched in his little palm as I write. The dollar store has also become one of his favourite hangouts. Although in true canadian fashion it is more of a three dollar store. He may have burned out on the fisheries museum after his 14th consecutive visit. I think he also loves living in a neighbourhood where he can stand outside on the stoop and holler to passersby. He often will insist that they stop by to see his colouring pages which I have downloaded from the computer. He's really into starwars now, although he has never seen it, but he calls all the characters including Darth Vader heroes. It's a bit of a transition for him having to keep his underwear on, now that we have neighbours less than two acres away. I would call it a constant battle. It's amazing how many times you can get a kid dressed in the morning.
I, personally, have been trudging my way through reestablishing myself in a different country. One of the great things about Nova Scotia is that nothing happens quickly. One of the worst things about Nova Scotia is that nothing happens quickly. Although I love my local post office, it seems to take about 9 days for letters to arrive from the states. The forms one has t fill out when moving to a new place, not to mention new country, are endless. After being in the states for twenty years I have been surprised to discover that I basically don't exist. Well, I'm actually getting good at this form filing purgatory. So, the adventure continues and I will keep you posted.

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renée bédard said...

From over in Ontario I would like to say Welcome to Canada. I have been reading your blog for awhile because I really love you hats and decided that I should finally say something. So welcome. If you can survive a Canadian winter I am sure you will be fine. The people are nice, the taxes are high and the people will always say hi, even to please, thank you and sorry...a lot.