Sunday, July 27, 2008

We're finally here

We are alive and well and living in Lunenburg , Nova Scotia. It's truly amazing when you put one foot in front of the other and then you finally get there. To start I should say that we are so happy here. It's beyond beautiful. it's great to be living by the ocean again and the people are so friendly and calm that I see I will need to seriously chill out to fit in.
There were so many wonderful experiences along the way. I would be lying if I described the move as anything less than a stress fest, but when you are in need of help it's amazing what you discover about friends. About one week before our departure date I discovered that we needed to itemize all our worldly belongings for canadian customs. This sent me over the edge. It was at that moment that I felt that I was at my complete limit and proceeded to melt down. I went upstairs and cried in utter despair. But just when you think things can't get worse..... Tony calmly called up the stairs to tell me that he was stung by a yellow jacket to which he is severely allergic. It usually takes about 20 minutes before he goes into a coma. So, I called 911 and within minutes we had the volunteer first responders, pitch forks in hand, in our house and then the paramedics. Everybody was unbelievable. I am eternally grateful to all these people. The short of it was that thanks to Tony's epipen and probably a not very deep sting, he was fine, but we did spend the day at the hospital and Tony got a ride in an ambulance with me following behind. My friend Nicci picked Dusty up from school and watched him all day.
So, needless to say we had a little set back. The incident actually calmed me down for a few days since it put life in perspective for a while. Nicci and her husband Dave were beyond helpful. They watched Dusty constantly as well as helping us pack. Another friend, Kaye , who I didn't get to spend nearly as much time with as I would have liked also showed up at our door step and spent the day packing our kitchen. This wonderful old man, Perry Cobb, who is well into his eighties also stopped by to offer assistance. Tony's friends from work helped out. It was incredible to be the recipients of such generosity.
Dusty was a dream. He was so enthusiastic about every step. I had been so worried about him seeing his home reduced to boxes and a pile of rubble, but he loved it. He called the tower of boxes his castle and was thrilled to sleep on the floor with us in the living room. He loved the 26 foot moving truck and assumed that since all our belongings were in it that it was our new home. We spent a ridiculously short time in Marblehead, less than 24 hours, that was awful to be so tired and to have all this family and friends around and not be able to spend time with them, but they are all going to have to come to nova scotia. And then when we spent the night at the Howard Johnson's hotel in Portland, Maine, Dusty wanted that to be our new home. He has a great room here and he made a sign today saying, Please go Away. He loves to shut himself in there and play. This is nothing short of miraculous for me. We also have a museum in town called the atlantic fisheries museum. We have been there 10 times in 14 days. We got a membership. Dusty is known as their resident child and is greeted be name when we come in. I think we will probably be sorounded by boxes for quite some time, but things are definitely coming together. The first photo is Dusty having a snack in Stone Ridge, in front of the moving van with all our belongings on the grass or in the truck. The second photo is at Hirtles beach near us, where one side is wild ocean and the other side is fresh water. (This is the fresh water side)