Sunday, May 25, 2008

Truly Amazing

There have been many truly amazing things going on this week. In the hat world I feel like a rock star. The orders just kept coming this week. Tony, my husband, would ask me in the morning if I sold any hats in my sleep. This is a dream come true for me. To be able to work from home and be there for my son, have a successful wholesale line of hats, and also to be able to sell my one of a kind creations. The hat I am posting here is a hat that I made just a couple of weeks ago and was so in love with. I was so thrilled when it sold.
Today, however, I had to admit that there are greater things than hats. No, really, I think it's true. The flowers in my garden are incredible. The poppies opening are such a fleeting moment. I'm usually so bad at recording things, but now that I'm a blogger I actually got my camera out. Then Dusty and I went off to the sand box, where Dusty discovered some small disgusting centipede or something. It was as though he struck gold. He named it Don't eat this caterpillar and called him Catty for short. He went on and on for quite sometime about how this was his best friend in the whole world. It is evening now and he has since completely forgotten its existence.
The move to Nova Scotia is ridiculously close. I was in the attic today hyperventilating about what to do with the boxes and boxes of fabric that I have accumulated over my life time. Well, I guess it will get done just like everything else. Until next time...Happy Hatting,
Anna, The Hat Junkie

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Hi Anna, just a quick Hello! Take a look on my blog, I have Tagged you - if you have the time to join in, hows the house moving going?
x Vicky x