Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Studio

Well, the time has arrived to reveal the room behind the madness. It is located next to my 4 year old son, Dusty's room. It is very small. And thanks to some great shelving built by my favorite (and only) husband, Tony, it holds a whole lot of stuff. Probably too much stuff, but just when I think I should clear something out, I find some use for some odd little trinket which justifies my years of hoarding. It's definitely challenging to have as many projects going at the same time as I do in this little space, but It has served me well.
I am, alas, about to leave it. We are bound for Nova Scotia. If you know the song feel free to sing along. The details are definitely enough to fill another post, so I'll save them for next time. Hope you enjoy the studio pics. I really should open a notions store with all this stuff. Until next time, Happy hatting. Anna

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What a wonderful inspiring story, you are so clever to have persisted and taught yourself such a wonderful craft!
Love the Chefs hat too!
x Vicky x