Sunday, May 25, 2008

Truly Amazing

There have been many truly amazing things going on this week. In the hat world I feel like a rock star. The orders just kept coming this week. Tony, my husband, would ask me in the morning if I sold any hats in my sleep. This is a dream come true for me. To be able to work from home and be there for my son, have a successful wholesale line of hats, and also to be able to sell my one of a kind creations. The hat I am posting here is a hat that I made just a couple of weeks ago and was so in love with. I was so thrilled when it sold.
Today, however, I had to admit that there are greater things than hats. No, really, I think it's true. The flowers in my garden are incredible. The poppies opening are such a fleeting moment. I'm usually so bad at recording things, but now that I'm a blogger I actually got my camera out. Then Dusty and I went off to the sand box, where Dusty discovered some small disgusting centipede or something. It was as though he struck gold. He named it Don't eat this caterpillar and called him Catty for short. He went on and on for quite sometime about how this was his best friend in the whole world. It is evening now and he has since completely forgotten its existence.
The move to Nova Scotia is ridiculously close. I was in the attic today hyperventilating about what to do with the boxes and boxes of fabric that I have accumulated over my life time. Well, I guess it will get done just like everything else. Until next time...Happy Hatting,
Anna, The Hat Junkie

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bound for Nova Scotia

Hello again, I mentioned a couple of entries ago that we are bound for Nova Scotia. The big move is only about six weeks away. I am in some sort of stupified denial stage, similar in feeling to being nine months pregnant. I hear your question. Wow, why? Because of a job? No. Do you have family there? No. I guess the short answer is we are having an adventure. The long answer is:
(a) I grew up in Canada, so we can. Socialized health care is a really great thing for self employed people.
(b) My husband grew up on the ocean in Marblehead, MA and I lived there for twelve years. We really miss the ocean.
(c) I can't take not living in a town anymore. We are in the country, in the Hudson Valley, NY, which is one of the most beautiful places on earth, but we have to drive everywhere. The roads are fast and sidewalks are non existent. I find myself driving to towns 20 miles away a little too often. I have definitely stamped my carbon footprint.
(d) I really want my son, Dusty, to be a hoser, play hockey and say, Eh!
I picked Lunenburg, NS, from a picture on the internet. I'm not kidding. I just saw this photo and said, "Tony, we need to move here. " He several times suggested that we might be open to other nearby locations, but I shut him down in my typical tunnel vision fashion. The town looks quite a bit like Marblehead. We went there last year and it took our breath away. You can walk everywhere, There are tons of cute shops and cafes and a whole lot of amazing ships in the harbour. Oh yes, this reminds me of my last reason for moving. (e) I have been in the states for twenty years and have taught myself to write- theater, harbor, center, favorite in the american spelling and frankly I'm sick of it. THEATRE, HARBOUR, FAVOURITE, CENTRE. Oh, that felt good.
A little of hat life, Last week was amazing. The orders were just rolling in from etsy. Well, at least rolling in for me. It was so exciting. Felt like I won the lottery. This week is the depressing come down. Feels like pulling teeth to get anyone to look at my sites. Oh, well, perseverance. I'm posting a photo of my new hat design for the fall. Her name is Brooke. I think it's pretty darned cute, but of course I'm a little biased. Until next time, Happy Hatting. Anna

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Chef Dusty

People often ask me if I make hats for men or boys. The answer is not usually because they are just not that fun. Basically, my true joy in making a hat is when I get to the details part, the icing on the cake. There is, however, an exception to my rule and that is if you are my son or husband. Dusty loves when I make him hats, or anything for that matter. This is Dusty in his new outer space chef hat. It also doubles as a space helmet. For this it gets pulled down over his eyes. The special du jour is mashed rotten avocado mixed with uncooked kidney beans.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Studio

Well, the time has arrived to reveal the room behind the madness. It is located next to my 4 year old son, Dusty's room. It is very small. And thanks to some great shelving built by my favorite (and only) husband, Tony, it holds a whole lot of stuff. Probably too much stuff, but just when I think I should clear something out, I find some use for some odd little trinket which justifies my years of hoarding. It's definitely challenging to have as many projects going at the same time as I do in this little space, but It has served me well.
I am, alas, about to leave it. We are bound for Nova Scotia. If you know the song feel free to sing along. The details are definitely enough to fill another post, so I'll save them for next time. Hope you enjoy the studio pics. I really should open a notions store with all this stuff. Until next time, Happy hatting. Anna

Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Brush with Fame

Well, I was totally tickled yesterday to discover A photo of Genie Francis, who played Laura on General Hospital wearing one of my hats. It is on the web site of A CHERISHED HOME. This is a wonderful store in Belfast, Maine. It is owned by Genie Francis. The hat she is wearing is called Sophie. It's been quite a popular hat for me. It's made from polar fleece and trimmed with hand made french ribbon flowers