Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My very first entry

Hello and welcome to a day in the life of The Hat Junkie. I hope to provide you with a glimpse into the life of a hat maker, a.k.a milliner.
My obsession with hats began at 19 years of age (21 years ago) I was visiting my aunt in Montreal and we went to beautiful old Montreal. It was there in a little boutique where I happened to spot a beautiful hand made pink felt chapeau. It was love at first site. The hat was $42.00. Totally out of my league. I left the hat on the stand and went back to my aunt's home broken hearted. That night I dreamed about the hat. In the morning it felt like destiny was calling me, but I had a train to catch back to Toronto. What was a girl to do. My aunt, being the immensely amazing person that she is, drove me back to the store to spend my life savings on this hat with just enough time left to catch my train.
The safest place to store my hat was on my head. So, with pink chapeau on head, I headed home. Within five minutes I could feel the difference this hat was having on my life. Strangers held doors open for me, old men and ladies looked teary eyed with the memories of a gentler time gone by when beauty was something that lived in our everyday lives, and a very nice man read my fortune on the train. As the the days went by I sometimes had to find the courage to be noticed and often needed to be quite resolute with myself to put the hat on, but it seemed that the effect this hat was having on world peace was bigger than my own insecurities, so onward I plunged, pink hat on head, racking up the compliments. Well, the saga continues and I can't wait to share it with you all, but my little boy is plugged into the t.v. and Clifford Puppy Days is almost over, so I will continue this story at a late point. But for now I have a new wonderful web site that I would love for you to look at, aswell as my etsy site, if you just can't get enough. Happy Hatting, Anna Shoub, The Hat Junkie

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