Monday, April 28, 2008

Anna meets the sewing machine

Hello again. Today I had an inquiry from someone in Lithuania, regarding this hat. what fun it would be to know this hat was alive and well and living in Lithuania. But, I promised to explain how I met the sewing machine. After being hopelessly inspired by the milliner in Toronto, I set off on my quest to learn to sew. I knocked on my neighbour's door and begged her to teach me. We met once a week for a couple of months. I bought a commercial hat pattern and made this one hat in every possible fabric combination imaginable. I became the local pest at the upholstery shop begging for scraps. I don't think I actually bought fabric for about two years. When people get word that you are looking for remnants it is amazing what comes your way. I accumulated mountains of fabric. The amazing thing to me was that people actually bought my hats. I was of course seriously underselling myself, but I looked at it as a paid education. Then one afternoon I had my first and second martini with my friend Carol and I knew it was time to design my own hat. It was amazingly imperfect, but somehow had charm. I now had a repertoire of two hats. Slowly, I bought every hat making book in publication and became a regular in vintage shops, scouring for old hats. Between the books and studying the vintage hats I eventually learned the tricks of the trade. Gratefully, to my customers, people supported and encouraged me along the way. And today I am still reading every manual I can get my hands on and I am constantly inspired by all the great milliners past and present. Until next time. Happy Hatting.
Anna Shoub, The Hat Junkie

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